Mixing with Reverb (Live Demonstration)

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Download the free reverb cheat sheet here:

In this video, I’m going to walk you through the process of applying reverb to a whole mix, step-by-step.

I’m going to demonstrate on a real-world track right in front of you.

If you’ve seen loads of videos about reverb online, but aren’t really sure how it all ties together and how to apply it to a real-world track: watch now.

This clip is actually an extract from one of our recent live streaming sessions as part of Home Studio University.

So, if you want to see a whole mix start to finish, be sure to check that out:

And don’t forget to download the free reverb cheat sheet:

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6 Responses

  1. Thimo Vijfschaft says:

    I'm currently very struggling with reverb. Bc without it, the song sounds dull. But y song is made out of a big orchestra, with big distorted guitars, a deep bass guitar, slamming drums, multiple one men choirs doing different stuff at the same time, and with foreground vocals. And yeah I didn't have any problems with reverb until I started to do the vocals. The reverbs of the 2 vocal layers really seem to cloud up the mix and hide some of the orchestra or de melody guitars.

  2. Fabio Badano - bAd¿? says:

    Thank you guy, this video is a great gift!

  3. Giulio Boobzilla says:

    Room reverb on da vocals soundz nize

  4. Immortal Kings says:

    Aha. I write big orchestral music with very dense orchestration and it's been (and continues to be) a very big mixing challenge for me. I'd never considered having mono reverb on anything even when I have a number of synths in mono, since the orchestra fills up a lot of space. Thanks for the information/video, it's helped add some clarity and retain some thickness.

  5. Lewis Knudsen says:

    Absolutely LOVE your referencing method, great video thank you


    Thanks u you so much

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