Morgan Evans – “Kiss Somebody” (Official Music Video)

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Listen to Morgan’s single, “Kiss Somebody”, here:

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44 Responses

  1. Mike or patty Rhoades says:

    Love this song! take care of YOUR wife she is special! always

  2. InsanityRoboTuber says:

    Love the creepy guy in the van at 3:25

  3. Jessica Myslinski says:

    awesome song

  4. 014Chevy says:

    1:472:05 look at the video bored in the background.. singing the same song as in the video! Attention to detail!

  5. Fernando Lopez says:

    I Swear this song sounds like Written in the Sand by Old Dominion.

  6. DRMICHAEL201 says:

    Lol didn’t have to slide onto the car lol, could’ve easily went around lol

  7. _e19official _ says:

    Does anyone know who that boy is

  8. Angela Zhang says:

    How are the flowers still

  9. Daveyy_ - says:

    Great dude

  10. ItsFamilyTime says:

    The music video kind a boring. Song is great!!

  11. Ksenija Jemensek says:

    What a beautiful video that fits perfectly with the beautiful song ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  12. Zachary Jeffery says:

    sweet video. thats a lot of damage just to kiss somebody

  13. esteban gallegos says:

    Kelsea loves you

  14. Victoria Honey says:

    The teen is from lanco greatest love story

  15. Carlos Feick :v says:


  16. Duricas says:

    I wonder if firing the director of this video would take longer than the slow motion unoriginal trope in this video.

  17. Engagedcobra 71 says:

    I thought he was going to kiss the mugger at first lol great song awesome video!

  18. Patrick Saxon says:

    Great song and a very funny music video!

  19. James Brewster says:

    I like this Cuz this song make me want to kiss my gf

  20. venkataramana sharma says:

    Morgan' got the best voice!!

  21. dat guy says:

    Soul music A1

  22. Acaction videos says:

    Thank God for this Aussie

  23. Robert Marek says:

    Ever since I’ve seen him in concert Morgan Evans had been one of my favorite artist

  24. Hahnbros says:

    This is so corny!!! Love it!!!

  25. Mike or patty Rhoades says:

    Such a good song!!!

  26. MaryRose Nelson says:

    after watching the making of this video i loved this even more….new fav video and song ( i know im a little behind lol)

  27. Axel Martinez says:

    This song just got stuck in in my head

  28. Joanna Lauren says:

    Great!!! Please check out my country/pop song!! It’s called “The Faster We Go”

  29. Haba Music says:

    Gotta love those Aussies singing in American accents lol lame as f

  30. Katie Gentle Gacha Studio says:

    Nobody will believe this but it’s true. Morgan Evans sister used to be my casual (substitute) teacher. I know right? It’s awesome. She left tho. She was my favourite teacher.

  31. Basketball Girl says:

    And she was still standing waiting for him???

  32. H.B Badger says:

    My lips get chapped just by hearing this bullshit. Better not wear your favorite clearance old navy jeans cause we dry humping holes in them shits within 3:45

  33. Randy Clemens says:

    My fave video of 2018. Hands down.

  34. Country Music says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this video – made me smile today – thank you for the smile and great music!!

  35. Bryan Smith says:

    Awesome song…. and at the end of the day he got his kiss too !!

  36. Sidottu says:

    Sometimes you gotta kick somebody
    In the back of a cab or on a subway train
    Sometimes you gotta kick somebody
    I wanna kick somebody like you

  37. Brandan Miller says:

    This would be a good song for the new live action Kim Possible Movie!

  38. Star Nunley says:

    this video is made pretty awesome

  39. Kristy Belejack says:

    kiss somebody

  40. Kristy Belejack says:


  41. doom villen says:

    Dude sounds a lot like Kieth Urban

  42. Tagging Chan says:

    Sometimes you gonna kick somebody, on a train and a bus,
    sometimes you gotta kick somebody, so don't make yourself a
    cuck. Somebody like you, somebody like you, I got someone in mind.

  43. Sweshinionson Bindoision says:

    I heard this on the radio and i thought it said "kill" instead "kiss" and i thought it was fucking awesome but then i heard the s.

  44. Cloretta Hayes says:

    He shooded do

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