Morissette Amon On Asia Song Festival 2018 (with Caption/Lyrics)

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It was taken down for few days but I was able to get it back. though it lost almost 100k views

Edit: PLEASE TURN ON the caption.
Korean part may not be perfect but I tried. close enough. maybe. ♥

October 3, 2018 | Throwback & Resignation (Korean Song)
Busan, South Korea
#AsiaSongFestival2018 #AsiasPhoenixOnASF2018 #MorissetteAmon #Morissette #Philippines

*ASIA SONG FESTIVAL is NOT A COMPETITION. Stop asking who won/if she won.*

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22 Responses

  1. BTS loves coca-cola or sprite says:

    Yo yo Bro…. Morissette is damn amazing. Im so in love with her….. ARMY and also Morissete lovers. Im so happy to stan them…..

  2. Yunje Lee says:

    Definately she is better than original singer!!!
    I didn’t expect she sang this song!!!!!omg i fell in love!!!
    I love you mori!!!!!from no on, i’m one of huge fan of her


    Happy 1M Mowienatics! Thank you so much, VIMH. ♥

  4. Egg Suarez says:

    Omg! This song is my favorite song.

  5. Silky Jane says:

    where can I watch the full episode of Asia song festival?

  6. Mitzi Ledesma says:

    Yeonwoo ❤ But i love you moiresette!!

  7. jenny L says:

    re watching rn!!

  8. Sofia Kilat says:

    ang sakit sa damdamin naman ng kantang to.. whats the title?
    pero ang galing nya talaga.. ramdam na ramdam ko yung kanta habang nakikinig…
    im so proud of you mori

  9. Balbahotog21 says:

    guys lapit na mag million.

  10. joao ricardo says:

    She brought magic to that stage.

  11. Nazmi Hafizi says:

    At least there is an alive crowd this time. Truly disappointed towards korean audience for the last year festival.

  12. Val Frei says:

    After listening to KZ' performance in Singer, mukhang KZ played a large part in Mori's song choices and stage performance in ASF. Mori's lucky to have Sarah, Regine, Lani and KZ as mentors.

  13. Bhe angeline sarah Sanopao says:

    Wow galing supervision

  14. Bhe angeline sarah Sanopao says:

    Like amon superhero superstar amon model

  15. michael pinaroc says:

    Geez…gets me every time!

  16. Sophie Corpin says:

    Your a geat singer Mori, Congrats to your journey and God Bless you more.

  17. musiclover cho says:

    she didn't just sing with passion. she sang with heart and did great in embracing cultures.

  18. musiclover cho says:

    i cried. i like how she put emotion to the song

  19. Pororo rororo says:

    I can hear the ‘more’ shouts HAHAHAHAHAHA

  20. rian pastor says:

    the next mariah carey

  21. 가 가 says:

    이런말하기그런데 진짜 이영현뿐만 아니라
    대한민국 어느 가수가 나와도 못이길듯

  22. Full Metal says:

    Hey guys pls vote for mori as favorite female artist on inside showbiz. You can vote by clicking on the link below, then click music, click favorite female artist, then click morissette amon. Pls vote using all your devices. Also tell your brother, sisters, relatives to vote for her. Let’s make her win the award

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