MY LUCK IS INSANE! WTF! | Goku Black Dokkan Festival Summons! | Dokkan Battle JP

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Video Title : MY LUCK IS INSANE! WTF! | Goku Black Dokkan Festival Summons! | Dokkan Battle JP

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Dokkan, Dokkan Battle, Dokkan Battle JP, Goku Black, Goku Black Summons, Rose, Rose Goku Black, Summons, Ssr, Ssr pulls, Lucky, Lucky pulls

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43 Responses

  1. Anthony Viloin says:

    Your intro spoil me 🙁

  2. Son Goku says:

    Your luck isn't insane xd You got only 1 Ing Goku black with 7 multis

  3. favian gaming says:

    Are'nt the japanese accounts the best ones? To pull good things

  4. Theo P says:

    Watch my summons. My vid tops his. I got goku black and then multi after that 4 dokkan fests in one multi.

  5. Legendary-Niko says:

    I did 6 multis on the int goku black banner and pulled 4 dupes of fp ssj4 goku but no goku black someone give me advice for
    Multi summons lol

  6. Major Hidgren says:

    Pleas someon can give me the song name of the intro.

  7. DarkGamer YT50 says:

    8:33 mega luck

  8. Nate Thomas says:

    I got 3 super vegito singles in 1 day

  9. Infiniti X says:

    Stop copying trailers and making them your intros

  10. DaddyCantStop says:

    I watched D-Free's stream on it he literally got every featured card on the banner and got the new goku black twice I was jealous

  11. MTSmash Gamer07 says:

    Me:Nice intro

    Other people : SPOILERS!!!!

  12. Neo_ Absolute says:

    I re rolled my JP acc and pulled ssj4 and black on my first multi, then another black off a single, THEN a ssj3 bardock off a single

  13. Unknown 29904 says:

    That intro is the reason I can't wait untill january

  14. GogetaDBZK says:

    During the 3 year aniversary i pulled lr gogeta in a single

  15. LRFlame says:

    So clash you replied to sayian prince about you know what

  16. Adam B. says:

    U the fuck do u have that as ur intro

  17. Job Collins says:

    When is this banner coming to global?

  18. RealNate Gaming and other says:

    Pure luck I respect

  19. Matthew Tompkins says:

    When you need to hit 10 Min so you show that shitty first multi
    And 3rd
    Yea wtf those summons were trash

  20. Vegito BRU says:

    Sorry for the advertisement, but I’m quitting Dokkan and I’m giving away my account, you all can check it out on my channel! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. netro rinne says:

    Lol I did a single summon got ssj3 Goku transformation then got a fake out and I pulled angel lr Goku and Vegeta it’s the Gogeta btw.

  22. Alef Costa says:

    what´s the ost his using?

  23. PURPLE JAY says:

    How tf are you level 1, ok you started a new account and all but, if you grinded on quest you would've been on a different level, answer this @ClashXYT

  24. Rafael vlogs animations and more Plz sub says:

    Clash i love u and plz subscribe to my channel

  25. Hakeem Dejonwo says:

    Brody movie coming on jan

  26. godzilla muto says:

    New intro> most amazing thing ever

  27. Gonzalo Ferreyra says:

    I pull him with 250 ds i do 3 more multis for dupes or for black rose but nothing im farming more ds to get at least 1 dup or one rose

  28. ALEX. W PLAYZ says:

    That intro best is the same beat I make when I tap my pencils in class

  29. Ilikboxes AA says:

    Dad comes in CLUTCH

  30. Anime weeb says:

    I feel like whenever a new DBS Broly trailer comes out you always change your intro to it

  31. David T says:

    The ideal roll if you starting off new now on jp would have every unit in the banner. Least then you can run a full category

  32. Sammuel Jean Baptiste says:

    Will you tell me or not?

  33. Lord Kuriza says:


  34. Edy Gomez says:

    I got goku black of a single

  35. is just jess says:

    I wish I had some luck,im so trash in the gane that I really don't play it that much

  36. The Goomba From World 1-4 says:

    sees you get str rose off a single


  37. Og_ Animeguy22517 says:

    Dope intro

  38. Widdows wine says:

    My luck is trash sometimes but other times its like a one in 100 chance of getting something good

  39. Sammuel Jean Baptiste says:

    Tell me the account to get the ssj goku that turns to super saiyan blue

  40. ツJuan24 says:

    Pls acept my on discord I need you with my problem in dokkan

  41. TechniColor Z says:

    Like the new intro

  42. EnderGoku9001 says:


  43. Jahrel Josey says:

    Bruh this intro is lit

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