Nicki Minaj | Jan/5/2019 | Australia FOMO 2019

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Nicki Minaj | Jan/5/2019 | Riverstage Brisbane QLD Australia | FOMO 2019. SUBSCRIBE LIKE AND SHARE for next Nicki Minaj Concert Tour 2019

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18 Responses

  1. Margaret Scott says:

    Lmao she's weak her dancers too.

  2. Tirina Ryan says:

    She is pretty.

  3. Lesli Lewis says:

    Her BUT looks like an attachment???? I can't…..

  4. Isha Samai says:

    Boss lady is always the boss

  5. Zolina Hernandez says:

    Haters she got some lit songs her crowd hype

  6. Zolina Hernandez says:

    Her look very unique

  7. Fabian gomez says:

    her booty looks gross

  8. bertasu says:

    looks like she's rapping even less and less live, sad ;/

  9. Yoyo Dam says:

    This looks uncomfortable
    She needs to go to Tha damn gym

  10. Myamee West says:

    Girl Nikki hang it up! No shade but now that cardi is here your dancing and stage performance really looks like shit now I mean we all been knew she was a wack performer but it is Definitely more clearer now lml

  11. Lani Jauregui-Hansen says:

    yo can some Australians actually upload some full songs from this concert

  12. GGM GGM says:

    Queen of Crap #WACKBITCH

  13. Bryan Ellis says:

    Queen ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Nicki Minaj

  14. Picel Parera says:

    God bless

  15. Juan Cielo says:

    I love nicki minaj

  16. Harute says:

    Apoyen a nicki minaj se lo merece

  17. Karen Taylor says:

    Love the outfit

  18. Jason Maldonado says:

    cant wait for her tour!

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