Nirvana – Breed (Live a Reading 1992)

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Best of Nirvana
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Music video by Nirvana performing Breed. (C) 2009 Geffen Records
Best of Nirvana:
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45 Responses

  1. ahmato naaish says:

    I hate the music
    Sooooo much

  2. NerdFight says:

    Some say Dancing Tony is still dancing to this day…

  3. Rick James says:

    That’s the fucking haircut I’ve always wanted!!!

  4. zédapaçoca says:

    Kurt Cobain arrombado

  5. weep says:

    Look, its Courtney.

  6. Lazuardy Wibisana says:

    good shit back then

  7. Hex_9 says:

    The moment you see Dancing Tony run up to the stage you know shits about to get real.

  8. Jonathan Blanchet says:

    The absolute best of nirvana.

  9. Angus Walsh says:

    What’s with the 392 dislikes! Shame on you who ever dislikes Nirvana!

  10. Mario Santos says:

    Simplesmente o melhor compositor, músico, cantor de sempre e sempre será eternamente jovem como ele é ,,,KURT COBAIN

  11. Potara Fusion says:

    Those 391 dislikes are Xbox nibbas

  12. Mystery OnEarth says:

    thats song have much energy, thanks kurt 🙂

  13. terry mcginnis says:

    honestly some live shows they sounded like crap unstandable touring will take it out of you but man when they were on fire they sounded great

  14. BingoPer48 _ says:

    I have a teacher who`se from germany and he told me that he was going to a Nirvana concert in Germany, but unfortunately Kurt committed suicide not long before the concert.

  15. Shazzadul Haque says:

    Kids, Dr.Kurt is here to cure you from the cancer that modern music is.

  16. Jack Turner says:

    2018 and i still love dancing tony

  17. luzviminda Figueroa says:

    kurt the right handed that played the guitar left handed cobain

  18. kyle anderson says:

    Has anyone else seen the full concert where at the beginning they wheeled kurt out in a wheelchair and krist was saying "youre gonna make it."? That freaked me out when i saw that. did anybody else get scared too? Its like he was a mental patient and it almost scarred me thinking that can happen to somebody. Hell to the naw. I hope i didnt scare anyone but damn i need to know if its just me.

  19. Beef 75 says:

    Nice work shroom!!

  20. earth star says:

    386 people missed the like button

  21. Lucario Lover says:

    kurt cobain is dressed like a female character of an Argentinian soap opera for kids and young from 1990 that had very serious self esteem problems.

  22. Pink Pink says:

    Kurt looks like Bon Jovi on this one

  23. Patrick Doyle says:

    Shoot the stage invader.

  24. Alberto aka Turtleman says:

    Tony yourrrrrrr Great!

  25. Painkiller says:

    Kurt is wearing a wig xD

  26. the mad daddy says:

    one of the best bands that ever played this earth….

  27. Paula Williams says:

    Rip with love

  28. Edgardo Motto says:

    me estan tratando de ayudar boluda

  29. wtysont says:

    Nasty bassline

  30. alice lamb says:

    Dancing tony is living my dream

  31. derekmurphy1991 says:

    I promise you the Illuminati made him wear that dress and long hair. They do that for a lot of reasons

  32. Viviane Vogles says:

    Antônio amo nirvana

  33. zeldafan33 says:

    i never realized kurt cobain had that long hair

  34. Jon cavanaugh says:

    Dave Grohl…….just a cut above behind that kit!

  35. Vhanny Cobain says:

    Nirvana ❤❤

  36. chuck Core says:

    That motherfucker dancing is legendary!!!! No other concert stories can top that one. He wins everytime.

  37. nicolasgamerbr martins says:


  38. Marek Choma says:

    That was a SHOW

  39. Lewis Brameld says:

    Who are the guys with Dancing Tony???


    I don't think music will ever get better than this no matter how long I live.

  41. Belle_Bookworm 25 says:

    I feel ya Dancing Tony

  42. Bad Fairy says:

    Was there.Wet and muddy.

  43. dream says:

    Always confused me when Kurt can onstage wearing the wig I momentarily thought I was seeing a different band!

  44. Chris Dallaire says:

    Dancing Tony is a beast just gaver shit the whole show! LONG LIVE READING FESTIVAL AND ITS ENDLESS LIST OF AMAZING SHOWS!!!

  45. Edgar j s says:

    Nirvana poha

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