Papa Roach live | Rockpalast | 2018

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Papa Roach live | Rockpalast | 2018 | Setlist
1. Crooked Teeth 00:00:00
2. To Be Loved 00:04:10
3. Getting Away With Murder 00:07:41
4. Between Angels And Insects 00:11:27
5. Face Everything And Rise 00:16:46
6. Gravity 00:20:32
7. Periscope 00:25:43
8. Broken Home 00:29:27
9. My Medication 00:33:56
10. Help 00:38:11
11. Traumatic 00:41:59
12. Song 2 00:48:52
13. Forever 00:51:28
14. Falling Apart 00:56:24
15. Born For Greatness 01:00:27
16. Scars 01:06:12
17. None Of The Above 01:09:46
18. Last Resort 01:13:18

Jacoby Shaddix – vocals
Jerry Horton – guitar, backing vocals
Tobin Esperance – bass, backing vocals
Tony Palermo – drums
Anthony Esperance – keys, guitar, percussion, backing vocals

Das Konzert fand am 18. August 2018 während des Summer Breeze Festivals in Dinkelsbühl statt.

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45 Responses

  1. ProjectWWC says:

    why are they so fucking good live

  2. Atilio Escobar says:

    Their wikipedia said that Jacoby doesn't rap anymore. So…that's bullshit. He flows so good.

  3. Искандер says:

    Блять, не слуха, ни голоса, сплошная мазафака.

  4. Pedro Rodrigues says:

    Papa Arroz .

  5. Dmitry Krylov says:


  6. André Ricalde says:

    Cabelo blindadão

  7. CoproManiac says:

    They sound like shit compared to how they used to sound.

  8. José Ricardo Azevdo da Silva says:

    máximo respeito!!!! do caralho porrrrraaaaa

  9. Martin Korn says:

    The new songs is sucks and how the fuck they have these crowd ? maybe tickets was free.

  10. Brad Riley says:

    I havent heard of them in almost 15 years? yeesh.

  11. piere de waaier says:

    grown man with those lyrics and hair? sickening

  12. Lukáš Pecko says:

    d heck 🙂 still strong

  13. Chaku99 says:

    Great as usual, I think they should riff more on their back catalog, theliberties they took on their songs did sound great but could become epic if they allowed themselves to go all the way. I hate that they might feel they need to be somehow album perfect. Great to see the band evolve with the keyboard, extra percussions & guitar player.

  14. Ivan Soto says:

    Jacoby is a true legend

  15. Joseph Khajo says:

    1:15:30 that pain in his eye and his voice when he said that line… broke me down

  16. Человек Хороший says:

    Мечтаю о том, чтобы так каждый музыкант выступал

  17. B Daniels Official says:

    Damn. I met Jacoby back stage at the guns n' roses concert in Sunrise, FL probably in 2006 or something. Coolest interaction ever. I just so happened to have a demo on hand, gave it to him, it had all the contact info on it. He told me he was going to "listen to it right now man!" haha, well I wonder if he ever did…

  18. mega man says:

    Why do people still think papa roach is good anymore fucking lol everyone knows there only good song is last resort

  19. Philipe Silva says:

    Roach ROCKS!!!

  20. Camilo Medina says:

    Where is the screaming in between angels and insects???

  21. Eduardo Souza says:

    Daaaaaammm i'm from Brasil and i luv this guys, amazing show! luv it!

  22. Roldan Rosario says:

    Wayyy better than before!!

  23. Diego dos Santos Lima says:

    56:24 Rip Chester </3

  24. stealthb0y1 says:

    jacoby still cut it

  25. Santtu San says:

    I liked em 10 to 15 years back…they sound kinda dated, maybe because of the nuMetal flava, but still a pretty great live. Nice job.

  26. Ambien Bacon says:

    Ypo this performance is Live As FUCK!!!!

  27. maksimus general says:

    respect to papa roach!

  28. Music Or Lose It says:

    Nice – but how could they leave out She Loves Me Not?

  29. Kole Tokar says:

    Of the bands iv seen they sounded the best hands down. Last Resort came on and I had to double check it was actually live. Quality concert experience.

  30. Jozef Radvanszki says:

    the backing vocals of the guitarist on 'Gravity' are amazing

  31. Dиkий_Брачо [Channel•Trip•Vis]™ says:

    Как то все плохо!

  32. ks ambiental says:

    Os otarios vão no show e ao invés de curtir ficam filmando com a merda do celular

  33. John Lemon says:

    2018 and still going strong! Amazing!

  34. dave s. says:

    Jacoby still has an amazing voice and live presence.. So many great artists who've been doing this for 20+ years either no longer are able to illicit the same crowd energy or simply don't have the voice they used to have… major props

  35. Jamie White says:

    Does he EVER do the scream (angels/insects) that made the song money? Again, the band carried him .. I lovED em, but from the first live show I saw till so later, what's the point? Give him an acting career

  36. Murdoc Cyanide Infest says:

    Old school papa roach
    Papa roach forever

  37. Dropdead 134 says:

    They sound exactly like their albums

  38. Maciej Kazimierczuk says:

    It looks they started the infest and then when crowd start singing last resort they transited to last resort. Am I right?

  39. Juan Perez says:

    21:24 there is a mistake

  40. Cameron Morales says:

    I saw them today in Korea and man much respect. Thank you PR for the support to the troops!!

  41. Chuck Globus says:

    Worthless Sewage. If you like this band you are literally retarded.

  42. jon sumber says:

    hay olor PIJA EN ESE RECITAL?

  43. Isadora Romantini says:

    Shaddix is a monster

  44. Gilberto Marulanda says:

    I had the fortune to see them play at the festival speaker in Medellin coolombia recently came the energy is amazing

  45. Shock says:

    in the end <3

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