Primus – Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers / Bob – 8/14/1994 – Woodstock 94 (Official)

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Primus – Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers / Bob
Recorded Live: 8/14/1994 – Woodstock 94 – Saugerties, NY
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31 Responses

  1. rallypoint1 says:

    So weird that they are BRILLIANT!!!!!

  2. crash davis says:

    He was awesome in Blind Illusion

  3. War Ghost squad says:

    My 1st birthday thanks for my first birthday gift primus is killer

  4. Steven Starnes says:

    Anyone that says Primus isn't good, is an invent when it comes to a bass guitar rift.

  5. Oughtra says:

    Comments are full of r/lewronggeneration and r/phonesarebad

    Fuck you enjoy the goddamn music and quit whining. Primus sucks.

  6. Mickey Bitsko says:

    He's singing about 90% of the audience.

  7. LostMyMojo100 says:

    Is that Joachim Phoenix on drums?

  8. Frame 50 says:

    I think the best live version was 1999 ozzfest with buckethead

  9. Jacques Matthews says:

    Les claypool =bass god

  10. illegitimate son 1983 says:

    West Virginia's state anthem!!!

  11. Mitch Canter says:

    strange how nobody brought their cell phone, but yet still seem to have a great time!

  12. dynadude27 says:

    51 yr old white guy,,,,,,fuggin luv Primus ,,,,aaaaannnd,,,,,Primus SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Liam says:

    I think the people who attempted to crowd surf during this didnt come down for hours

  14. Ibux says:

    I had no idea Joaquin Phoenix was their drummer 3:58

  15. Michael Seymour says:

    1.700 people in that crowd are now dead – 14 people had sex changes , 288 are serving prison – 1/3 of all the males have male pattern baldness , 3,456 are now bankrupt-but just one person in the crowd is satan .

  16. Daniel Thompson says:

    The very performance that first got me to start shooting Primus into my veins, and I'm still a user

  17. Mindcrime2112 says:

    insert joke about how Primus sucks

  18. Jayce Jones says:

    Amazing concert, Primus… Heyya

  19. thejtd21 says:

    I bet the pit was fucking lit

  20. Dixie Normous says:

    God damnit Primus is so fucking good. Every time.

  21. pantsongrnd says:

    In case you haven’t figured it out, Primus sucks.

  22. Łukasz Lama says:

    This sound totally like Rage Against The Machine!

  23. Juan Mendoza says:

    If you dont dance like 8:27
    You can't call yourself a bass player

  24. heatscore 94 says:

    If you think primus sucks, then you can drink a pint of bleach.

  25. hankwhitley says:

    damn they do suck

  26. Laura Rodriguez says:

    Les was channeling Jimi Hendrix for a minute there ♥️

  27. Steven Bentley says:

    That bass player. I think he is that white trash apartment maintenance man. That's always working on his own cars and he's tank top. Drinking beer and listening to metal. Also beating the hell out of his wife a lot. In and out of jail yeah that's him lol

  28. The Ice Cream Maker says:


  29. Crusnik Rage says:

    Do you see millenials? Personal space is optional, safe spaces be damned. Damn whippersnappers, back in my day, at a concert you got hit, and you enjoyed it!!!

  30. Marcus Caine says:

    Lol les Claypool doing the national anthem haha I'd agree that les Claypool is like Jimi hendrix of the bass playing haha

  31. MattC78 says:

    Primus Sucks a meme

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