Radiohead – Lucky @ Glastonbury 2017

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36 Responses

  1. Soundcheck by night says:

    I fucking love radiohead and this song

  2. Dario Paini says:

    mamma mia…

  3. 50 MHz says:

    Versiyon müthiş! Daha önce de yazdığım gibi.. Bu şarkı bende sonsuza kadar dinleme hissi uyandırıyor. Teşekkürler Radiohead

  4. serif macit says:

    I feel my luck could change this time

  5. RaffaPed says:

    I wonder if the next track was the tourist?

  6. JH Lee says:

    이종혁 씨 또 오셨군요

  7. Waldemar Golder says:

    I would like to support a friend. If somebody is interesting in thr cover Radiohead -Lucky:
    Many thanks in advance!

  8. Fred Smith says:

    boy did they sure butcher it in this performance. sucked. as if it was in slow motion.

  9. Nico Caubalejo says:

    I feel my luck could change

  10. Derek Iversen says:

    That gave me goosebumps! I've been Lucky enough to see them play this live … best fucking band of my lifetime. (so far)

  11. Sofá Sessions says:

    I really love this song! Recently i recorded a cover version on my channel. If anyone is interested:

  12. Piotr Hoffmann says:

    Jonny plays these notes like it was most important thing in his life, incredible

  13. Mike Carpenter says:

    Ed you lazy fuck

  14. VIVIANA says:

    Uuufffff….sin palabras….cuento los días para mi primer concierto de Radiohead….It's going to be a FUCKING GLORIOUS DAY!!!!…..♡♡♡

  15. Sofá Sessions says:

    This song is fantastic! i recorded an acoustic cover version of Lucky in my channel. Check it out:

  16. igor almeida says:

    i was distracted surfing the web while this played… i came back to check the video and cried at 3:53

  17. Drenwickification says:

    If I could be anyone in the world it would be Johnny fucking greenwood. It must feel orgasmic to play those guitar parts in front of thousands of people

  18. Luis Maximino says:

    it's gonna be


  19. Topsey kretts says:

    ..I found RH,when i was just a young lad…That was Lucky!!

  20. mahu gaucin says:

    La ostía con h..!!

  21. Jaded cynical 77 says:


  22. Natalya says:

    The head of state has called for me by name….

  23. MrHulsi says:

    How is it still possible that they still sound this good after all these years. We are LUCKY that they do, not all bands can perfom as they do after such a long time. 🙂

  24. geopatra says:

    the ending is one of the best pieces of music imo. these chords blow me away every fkn time.

  25. flashtheoriginal says:

    Total class. Thanks so much for making the effort to post this up

  26. caswells says:

    So happy they played this!!! My favourite Radiohead song

  27. Denisson Marcelo says:

    Awesome music! Awesome band!

  28. TheBrightjay says:

    Love this song

  29. Roman Miller says:


  30. Bruno Foito says:

    My Favourite Radiohead Song!! I love this

  31. Ian W says:

    Love this song

  32. marco gemello says:

    Of 4,600 views, 4,500 I just did it myself.

  33. Ewan Smith says:

    love this song

  34. Fabien Dolan says:

    One of their best tracks imo

  35. thePaperDinosaur says:

    wow. that was (always is), somehow, even more so… fabulous.

  36. Julia Ruiz says:

    thanks 4 sharing…

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