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42 Responses

  1. alexx says:

    what’s the song at 4:57

  2. Finlay Feeney says:

    posh twat

  3. Isabella astin says:

    Leeds is better tho….

  4. Alf:e says:

    this is a great example of how NOT to do a festival

  5. Archie Hazelden says:

    Everyones pinging off their heads LOOOL

  6. John says:

    Haha great video, the scenes from the camp are hilarious.


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  8. Brian Coyle says:

    Was throwing the can just a prank? It's ok if it's a prank, right?

  9. Tommy Conran says:

    You ket sket

  10. Lusander 9 says:

    anyone know what the song at 6:42 is

  11. Joe Smith says:

    Fucking rahs

  12. Saxon Hughes says:

    can you bring in alcohol? im coming this year how fucking good

  13. Aimee Taylor says:

    are you going this year?

  14. BritishIdiots says:

    I'm sorry but you guys are those typical cunts that you get at festivals that just won't fuck off

  15. sisunny81 says:

    your friends are dicks~ ruin Reading Festival!

  16. CalDraws says:

    Fully dropped my phone when that soup can clarted that girl in the head

  17. Ted GQ says:

    savages lol

  18. Tamzin Wilson says:

    Are you going this year 2017???

  19. Mattershack says:

    Bunch of entitled pricks. Wish I was going to Leeds instead of Reading now

  20. beth says:

    you just KNOW these are the type of people to make such a mess at camp and just leave it all for other people to clean it up when they leave

  21. Peter Stewart says:


  22. First Name says:

    nonces, would hate to be friends with you lot lol

  23. Megan Rowlands says:

    Fuck the haters, i loved this vlog

  24. Liam Thoday says:

    That bird is stunning

  25. Ross Maclean says:

    that girl has biggest underbite lol or is she constantly gurning

  26. Footnasium says:

    Going this year after GCSEs let's fucking go ahahaha

  27. no flex zone says:

    oh ffs, not one of them cunts who goes chucking shit at random people. I would have definitely smashed you in your gay ugly face if I saw you

  28. hellolads says:

    this is quite an ask but whats the song at 4:40 that plays for a couple seconds

  29. TPM Paintball says:

    I would literally break a cunts legs if they poured soup on my tent

  30. Luka Bradley says:

    This kid gay or just posh?

  31. Samuel Adams says:

    That dude who threw that can is a fucking cock head

  32. Kit Skellington says:

    fuck me daddy

  33. Lola Payne says:

    Someone being fingered in a tent at 3:23

  34. Lola Payne says:

    You're so hot omd

  35. yazmin canchola says:


  36. Succmalun Xoxox says:

    Favourite vlog ever!!!!!!!!!

  37. Shaun Cornforth says:

    Everything i hate about the dicks that ruin Reading Festival!

  38. Conal Taylor says:

    what was the end song

  39. Voxhii says:

    That 'partying' in the crowds looked like as much fun as the fucking gas chambers.

  40. Conal Taylor says:

    song at the end?

  41. soph Val says:

    When that girl got hit by the can I've never laughed so much

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