Red Hot Chili Peppers First LIVE show on TV in 1984

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Red Hot Chili Peppers (Anthony Kiedis & Flea) first time being seen on television with an interview!
Anthony, as always shirtless! 😀 Get up & Jump!

RHCP Live at KTTV Studios (Thicke of the Night) in Los Angeles on 6th of March 1984!

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38 Responses

  1. Lee Hubbard says:

    I used to be so into the chili peppers,right up to the album Californication,those albums still sound amazing today!!

  2. Animal Black says:

    Highly experimental finding their sound.

  3. Rachael W says:

    After watching this I'am surprised they ever found fame.

  4. Mert Avci says:

    Flakka TÜRKİYEDE!!!!!!!

  5. Cathy Holt says:

    original pioneers of rap and roll

  6. Pruame2Forever says:

    Une belle merde

  7. merealzab says:

    Lil Xan?

  8. Panty Sniffer says:

    who would know flea was that good at bass in that age until now.

  9. erick rasta says:

    I like RHCP

  10. SteveS says:

    It’s so clear to see that they were gonna be such a great Band. They’ve been so blessed w having 3 ridiculous lead guitarist and getting a drummer who’s awesome too through a classified add in the paper. Not to mention survival through serious Heroin addiction, Still Rocking making great music to this day!

  11. atfinn says:

    30 years later and they still suck.

  12. matias carvajal says:

    Wich is the name of the song

  13. nebraskahusker247 says:

    Wish I would have bought a bunch of apple and microsoft stock back then when it was cheap. I'd be a very rich individual now.

  14. Andreas 18 says:

    Wow this song really sucks but pretty cool to see them as kids.

  15. Alejandro Torres says:

    ничего не изменилось за эти годы!!! крутая группа, крутая подача материала! фли виртуоз уже тогда был! один из лучших басистов мира ;))

  16. Ghost of War says:

    What a waste!!!

  17. Rob C says:

    Anthony looks like a baby!

  18. T. Skullsplitter says:

    Oh those zany so cal boys…hahaha. Rad!

  19. Jk957 says:

    They look like caifornia surfers


    Huh? What he saying ? Sounds like a ape and crack

  21. Richard Roberson says:

    Flea's bass is awesome

  22. Martin Fernandez says:

    Heroin addicts

  23. Big Jillo says:

    One word crack

  24. IdlovemesomeGyro! says:

    Holy shit flea. This guy was always a fucking legens.

  25. Patricio Daniel says:

    Wtf is he saying?

  26. KrisSilver says:

    Anthony lookin like the dude from Jeepers Creepers

  27. Sri X15C93 says:

    Is that Justine beaver singing.

  28. Jorge says:

    Damn!!! That bass, Flea is King!

  29. Scout 805 says:

    And now they're millionaires!
    Cracker jack mutha fuckas!
    Ten thousand other bands just like em, and they made it big, WTF

  30. Nasty Hardcore says:

    Art garfunkel on bass

  31. Heiscoming 444 says:

    Goes to show you how famous satan will make you when you sign his contract

  32. Jd Tolliver says:

    They sucked

  33. itsBayFreshALLday says:

    True men don't kill coyotes ~

  34. peruda hudson says:

    shit… still shit

  35. Cleiton Albuquerque says:

    Uma bosta. Só salva o baixo.

  36. Twig & Berries says:

    When he was a baby flea and didn't have tattoo money.

  37. Monsieur D says:


  38. Brian says:

    Vs Killers vs Belinda sexy

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