San Holo @ Tomorrowland Mainstage 2018

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Tomorrowland mainstage was overwhelmingly fun. Thanks everyone for coming out to my set, especially my plant! 😃🌱

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35 Responses

  1. SAN HOLO says:

    hey guys pre-order album1 below, full album out September 21st 🙂

  2. bayuggdiamond.2 Gaming says:

    Where da holdup??

  3. nicholas leiva says:

    the guys holding the sign "i ain't fuckin leaving" made me laugh so hard

  4. Albert Anderson H.M says:

    ¿ Name of the music please ? 29:12 <3

  5. Binku says:

    How many TY songs sampled?

  6. Josboot says:

    why every fucking crowd in tomorrowland is so whack??? i think every people right there only listen the top 10 of electronic songs lmao

    Also a dude with the jersey of Monterrey <3 36:06

  7. Alex Soeth says:

    ID at 48:15 ? I think it's Bassnectar. Not sure though.

  8. Bastien Genestal says:

    3:42 Surface is coming… OMG <3

  9. Ajinkya Chavan says:

    This is no doubt one of the great DJ's right many cool vibes❤️

  10. Harshit Karir says:

    I wish i could attend your concert ….. I promise you one day I'll be on your festival

  11. --Anti Sociall Beats-- says:

    36:28 Br!

  12. --Anti Sociall Beats-- says:

    48:32 the Beeext! OMG

  13. --Anti Sociall Beats-- says:


  14. --Anti Sociall Beats-- says:

    36:30 Yeees melhor parte

  15. 1nfamousPaintball says:

    This would be the greatest hour of my life

  16. FatbrosGaming CaRtOoNs says:

    shit music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Gabriel Brun Nascimento Luz Gabriel says:


  18. Gabriel Brun Nascimento Luz Gabriel says:


  19. I think it's the longest name you've ever seen no says:

    11:40 song name pleeeeaaaaaaaaasssseee

  20. Koutique 03 says:

    19:37 SONG PLSS?

  21. Biswajit Baruah says:

    My fav song is light

  22. Ricardo Espinal says:

    48:15 name please

  23. Rick O'riginal says:

    Not only his music, but also his T-shirt is amazing. Does somebody know where to buy the T-shirt?

  24. Sujith Kosala says:

    San holo- Han solo

  25. Daemon Warrior says:


  26. Arjun Naik says:

    He got stuck in the mic at 3:47 lul

  27. dardy ds says:

    39:40 San Holo – forever free (ft. Duskus)

  28. King Clark says:

    Pewdiepie cousin

  29. Peter Muellner says:

    One of the best tomorrowland sets i've heard this year, awesome!

  30. Riper says:

    What that remix 14:05

  31. Seiji m says:

    Love this video

  32. Rafael Estrella says:

    No big tits at sight. Shame

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