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An afternoon at Centercamp with a sexy female hoopdancer. Very pleasing imagery of
a beautiful and talented performer. Live volunteer percussion over ambient audio of
active audience. This is some of Burning Man’s finest entertainment…

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27 Responses

  1. Carla Recalde says:

    se parece a shakti sunfire !

  2. nickgonewalkabout says:

    @mountaingoat07 yes this is Spiral Dancer for sure. See her youtube channel under spiraldancer

    I can't speak for Spiral, but I know she would appreciate your contact. You captured a very special time. May I ask, does this upload look speeded-up from your original?. I recall (possibly incorrectly) the tempo being slightly slower when you first posted it. You Tube has altered their rendering process on some uploads (one of mine has a similar variance from original).

  3. Ducatiboy73 says:

    God I love her! Namaste Spiral!

  4. lelly flawless says:


  5. TheFloydsta says:

    how wimsical

  6. KingKook says:

    What does she do for an encore? Catch the hoop in her prominently displayed buttocks crack? My 8 year old niece can do this, but with a burning whale jaw bone… Just kidding about that. It's a burning dinosaur jaw bone.

  7. Gilgamesh says:

    Beautiful :] I can't wait… Peace n Love

  8. Kristina Clubb says:

    Whoa. Absolutely amazing!

  9. Seryph Steel says:

    Girl is a NINJA!!! Its like butter, everything is so smooth and amazing *drool* completely my hero!!

  10. ZipSnipe says:

    I love her!!!

  11. Carly Dawson says:

    i love how you can hear people in the audience going 'waaaaaw' absolutely stunning

  12. hanmwah says:

    magical moves

  13. Bonni Diane says:

    amazing moves!!!

  14. Jessica Marie says:

    I know I'm a girl, but she is hot! AND an amazing hooper… jeeze.

  15. イアン / ian 飯テロ says:

    Wow! Such talent!

  16. spiraldancer says:

    Thank you Corazon;-) I love that the hoop I gifted you back in 2004 has sparked such enthusiasm in you and, thru you, has spread to so many others. The magic of the hoop Flow. I am so blessed to be on this path!

  17. spiraldancer says:

    Thanks so much Corazon;-) I love that the hoop gift I gave you back then-2004-has sparked such enthusiasm in you and spread to so many others. The ever-giving nature of the hoop Flow. I love it, so blessed to be on this path.

  18. spiraldancer says:

    Ummm, not sure if this is tongue in cheek? I know I've got some broad shoulders as an athletic woman, but I am nowhere near a man, nor do I hoop much like Karis. We both have our own unique style. U doin' some grassroots (and obnoxious) promoting?

  19. kickinbackinOC says:

    I have a question- When anarchists gather, they form rules and need organization. And if so, can they be said to still be anarchists? Welcome to the ever-repeating "matrix" cycles of human interaction, cooperation, expansion, and collpase, lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat, ad inifnitum

  20. kickinbackinOC says:

    Really excellent dancer, very poetic and enchanting. Sensual, yes, but even moreso, spiritual. Only trouble is, I couldn't see her ass very well in the grainy video.

  21. spiraldancer says:

    yes, i have to say i felt pretty happy and flattered that a BMan video of me showed up unbeknownst to me. Glad somebody was breaking the rules 😉 Center Camp is a particularly prone place for filming…amazing art goes down there…looking forward to spinnning there again in a week!

  22. jabbajaw94565 says:

    Wow oh wow. It's like something out of "Firefly" or "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome". Very tribal, very animalistic.

  23. PaulTRW says:

    Yeah, its the problem of having a rule and enforcing a rule. Do you organize camera police, or, let people intrude? The truth seems to be that most people there are falling over themselves to be noticed…

  24. xpez says:

    all of these burning man videos on you tube break the black rock laws of not posting videos on commercial enterprises!!!….ITS BULLSHIT..BURNING MAN IS BULLSHIT..and all of those stupid fucking fascist rules at burning man at stupid…"REGISTER to use your camera"…FUCK OFF ..I HATE BURNING MAN!!!! ITS GAY…FUCK YOU

  25. Julia Hartsell says:

    sister, thanks for always giving me something to aspire to…much love

  26. spiraldancer says:

    I have been hoping to hear back from this gentleman re: getting a copy of this, but so far to no avail…fingers crossed, as it is lovely footage. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone. ~Spiral

  27. SusanandMeredith says:

    That definitely looks like Spiral to me! Isn't she incredible?!

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