SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2018 – Compilation

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This is my compilation of Sweden Rock Festival 2018 (click CC for band names) with Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, In This Moment, Helloween, Stone Sour, Heavy Load, Body Count, Wilmer X, Kreator, Slade, The Darkness, Killswitch Engage, Pretty Maids, Madam X, Girlschool, The Quireboys, Baroness, Meshuggah, Skindred, Turbonegro, Tarja, Coven, Battle Beast, H.E.A.T., Glenn Hughes, The 69 Eyes, Steelheart, Lacuna Coil, Backyard Babies, Circus Maximum, The New Roses, Frontback, Rose Tattoo, Nazareth, Stratovarius, Crashdiet, Doc Holliday, Destruction, Uriah Heap, Dark Tranquillity, Buckcherry, Avatarium and more.

Sweden Rock festival is an annual event in southern Sweden with five stages of all genres of rock. This is my eighth compilation from the festival, where I talk to people, interview bands like Björn from In Flames, Roy Mayorga from Stone Sour, Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage, Zakk Wylde from Ozzy Osbourne as well as Chris Howorth and Maria Brink from In This Moment.

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Music used with permission from Epidemic Sound
Collage music performed by Sunny Bear

#SwedenRockFestival #swedenrock
-Martin in Sweden

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28 Responses

  1. TheSwedishLad says:

    Click the CC button to see the names of the bands/artists throughout the video.

  2. AnFiNiTyy says:

    SRF 2018 var så jävla bra!
    Det var första gången för mig och jag var så fruktansvärt nöjd!! Extremt bra ordnad festival men sköna besökare, superbra organiserat alltihop och så många stora och bra band!
    Bäst var helt klart Iron Maiden, men annars så tyckte jag att Helloween och Stone Sour var bäst.

  3. Moises Nogueda says:

    Hi ! Do i need a VIP ticket to get in front of the principal stage? Greetings from Mexico! Coming to see Rainbow in 2019

  4. Juan Nunez says:

    I think that I covered most of the things listed in the video, long trip from Guadalajara, México to Southern Sweden but it was worth the effort. Cheers!

  5. dgantzbass says:

    I always like these recaps. Nice to see clips of CyHra, Battle Beast, Circus Maximus, Lacuna Coil, Pretty Maids, and Tarja among others!! You have me looking forward to my favorite festival, ProgPower USA, in September.

    Your little talk near the end is why I like ProgPower so much. To me, it's as much about the metal family reunion aspect as it is about the festival lineup!!

    Keep it up with the great vids, Martin. Skål!!!

  6. Julia says:

    haha extra kul när man ser sin pappa i wilmers publikhav

  7. Martina Lucija says:

    I so want to be part of this Festival!!!! The vibe through video is incredible, I cant even imagine how it looks like to stand there and to feel it in person. <3

  8. yggsten says:

    Thanks man…

  9. yggsten says:

    Glädjande att tjejer och kvinnor skyddades och inte skändades – Sweden Rock brings it !!!

  10. Dave Snyder says:

    I like Garmana. And Calador ,those 2 bands are good.there sweedish bands.

  11. Anders Karlsson says:

    Det var en sjuhelvetes underhållande sammanfattning du rott samman, grymt jobbat!

  12. Osmil Oe says:

    Jävligt bra var det ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Esra Berit Halvorsen says:

    22:17 Mats Levén ❤️

  14. Jekadoom says:

    Hi!, I do have a Vlogg (in spanish) and I am doing one for Sweden rock 2018. As I was there working I did not have the chance to record as much as I wanted and unfortunately I do not have enough footage for my video. I just wonder if I can borrow some clips from yours while some of the bands are playing?. Just asking for permission and of course I will give you credit 🙂

  15. England Stilo says:

    Wooow stratovarius

  16. Kjell Åge Tullien says:

    Hot as hell this year, but a fantastic festival.

  17. Pim Pim Persson says:

    TACK för denna sammanfattning! 🙂 jag önskar att jag kunde varit där i år. man blir ju så himla sugen när man ser dina klipp. men tack för att jag fick vara med lite i och med din film. 🙂

  18. Joel Andersson says:

    Tack Martin! Jag fick.. (Let's get international here) Thanks Martin! I got to relive the feeling of SRF and see some acts I missed there. This year was probably the best since my first back in 2001. Helloween with Kai and Kiske, Heavy Load was amazing, Maiden as good as always, Rob the Metal God… The sun was relentless during Uriah Heep, but I persisted. The weather was great, a little too hot sometimes, wich made it hard to drink as much as you shouldn't.
    Thanks to:
    Jimmy, Mia och Jonas, Jussi och Kristin, Bröderna Humppi, Värmlänningarna, gänget från Dalarna (Även om ni stal mitt bord) Eric and Adam (Even if I didn't see you this year) Ogge och Link, Caseys Fish and Chips.

  19. Chris Prows says:

    Stort tack till dig! Jag hade ståpäls nästan hela tiden när jag tittade på filmen, har varit på SRF sedan 2007 och detta är årets höjdpunkt. Året börjar och slutar med Sweden Rock Festival. Hoppas vi ses nästa år!

  20. Eliza Armand says:

    Ahaha, such a great video, as always! Hope you had a lot of fun there! Looks like a great event 🙂

  21. Carina Costina says:

    Omg those green sweets are THE absolute BEST!! They sell them in a Swedish cafe here in Newcastle and I always get a load of them when I go. Aaanyways, Sweden Rock fest looked really good this year

  22. Trichila says:

    Skit bra, första dagen jag var där, backstage med Kai, HEJA SWEDEN ROCK!!!

  23. Olivier Lefevre says:

    Many thanks for the vidéo Martin.

  24. Ane Leite says:

    Look like you forgot the sun blocker.
    "Yes" still on the road? Nice! As people say, we need to think about the kind of world we gonna leave for Keith Richards. And his rock stars mates 😉

  25. Julius Borg says:

    Inget klipp från Nazareth?

  26. DORTMUND _DIF says:

    Every year a very good video but it would have been nice to have a text which band it is because you can not see all the band so it had be nice to know what we are seeing…

  27. Christian Bergström says:


  28. ABoray says:

    people are wonderful, atmosphere is spectecular! good vid (:

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