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Ten  years  ago,  a  bank-robbing  team  stole  $100  million  from  a  Vegas  casino. Not  all  of  them  got  away.  Now,  Bishop  (Lennie  James)  is  a  small-town  sheriff,  making  an  honest  living…with  no  memory  of  his  criminal  past.  But  when  his  old  crew  rolls  into town looking for the loot, the perfect getaway threatens to turn into a nightmare of greed, revenge, and retribution.

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21 Responses

  1. AJER ONESKI says:

    This was cool.worth the watch and original

  2. allen schmitz says:

    Knocking out a cell tower by pistol shots…in your dreams mr. script writer.

  3. Fatha Truth says:

    My favorite part of the movie is when they set fire to the church burning that false image of the Deity in the process.

  4. Todd Day says:

    I really love this movie. Its a western.. Now. Gotta dig it.

  5. Dan Henson says:

    really youtube on your own Dagnabbit channel you cant stop fkin up a movie with commercials

  6. Steph Lyons says:


  7. Patrick Pline says:

    Not bad actually. Worth watching, IMO.

  8. Aviation Nut says:

    I don't know why so many people in the comments section don't like this movie, because I think it's actually pretty good, it's not a bad at all. I especially like the black actor, I seen him in few movies and he is an excellent actor but i forgot his name.

  9. Michael Sweet says:

    Van damme zero & martial arts wtf??

  10. Sean Baxter says:

    Horrible ending

  11. Will Richardson says:

    Like it a lot. Nice clear upload and sound is perfect. Righteous story and well mastered. Thanks YouTube.

  12. Raymond Buck says:

    It wasnt bad movie still like it

  13. A'lil Stucc says:

    "the money is maybe hidden in the church"
    "alright burn it to the ground!"
    lol this shit got dumb as fuck

  14. MyREDTAIL says:

    One of Van Dam's worst Movies ever, After all of the good ones he made in the past etc.Plus he got himself killed off in this etc.

  15. MyREDTAIL says:

    Ronnie was not that fast on the Draw like he thought .

  16. Cristoteca1 says:

    I really enjoy the movie. They are all good actor's. Five***

  17. Ebenezer Stooge says:

    Still more country than Alan Jackson.

  18. John Kemp says:

    Weird movie , not very good .

  19. Clarence Williams says:

    I enjoyed the movie,everybody played a roll,made Vandam look real weak though,but he did take the roll didn't he.

  20. Lelu Kat says:

    They complain about the heat so much but wear jackets. duh!

  21. I will choose Freewill says:


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