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Greek Tavern Evening with live music

Views:1128|Rating:2.50|View Time:1:19Minutes|Likes:1|Dislikes:1During the OMILO Greek courses students are regularly invited to join for tavern evenings, while talking Greek, socializing, tasting new Greek dishes, listening to Greek music or even dance… Here we are in...


Light Move Festival

Views:3408|Rating:4.50|View Time:6:42Minutes|Likes:45|Dislikes:5Light Move Festival 💫 Największy festiwal światła w Polsce | 28-30/09/2018 Łódź, Poland


Ravi Shankar – Woodstock 1969 – Evening Raga

Views:245858|Rating:4.91|View Time:4:2Minutes|Likes:1386|Dislikes:25●☆●☆●☆●☆●☆● Ravi Shankar Woodstock 1969 Evening Raga ●☆●☆●☆●☆●☆● [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia] Ravi Shankar, (Bengali: রবি শংকর, IPA: [ˈrɔbi ˈʃɔŋkɔr]; 7 April 1920 — 11 December 2012), his name often preceded by...