Tame Impala Live at Coachella Festival 2013 1080pHD

Views:169227|Rating:4.89|View Time:39:20Minutes|Likes:1397|Dislikes:31
01:37 Solitude Is Bliss
05:45 Sestri Levante
07:43 Apocalypse Dreams
15:02 Keep On Lying
18:31 Endors Toi (Aborted)
20:43 Elephant
26:21 Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
30:03 Half Full Glass Of Wine

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25 Responses

  1. Mel Li says:

    Tooo high

  2. Solomon McQueen says:

    Always a big psychedelic rock fan from the early Seventies. Don't remember how I first heard Tame but I believe it was "Backwards" and it was just like Doves "Catch The Sun"…once you hear these bands, your hooked man.

  3. Mauricio Aguilar Aguilera says:

    26:22 wtf que le pasó al teclado de Jay…

  4. uzi withtheuzi says:

    Apocalypse dreams saved my life in 2018

  5. Brain Puzzle says:

    Nick is so silent..

  6. Thayna Sousa Limas says:

    A velho essa banda ❤

  7. Remy Christer says:

    19:20 lol

  8. Leocadia Joanna says:

    Melhor show do dia!

  9. Cheese Gamer639 says:

    27 wild impalas disliked this

  10. amini fitri says:


  11. Anthony L says:

    12:48 Kev having the time of his life

  12. Rambonbon says:

    someone get the bass player a sandwich

  13. Jonathan Statham says:

    is that the lead singer of hockey dad in the crowed at 8:40?

  14. Palheta Perdida says:

    melhor que isso, só o show do glastonbury de 2013

  15. asazinator says:

    WOW that song and buildup at 36:20 is amazing!

  16. geoff macaulay says:

    Jay throwing a shit fit at the end?

  17. Internet Connection says:

    right at the beginning you see a big fat guy taking a chug of what looks like a coors lite. now if that doesnt sum up a music festival i dont know what does

  18. Cristian Fuentes says:

    Best concert Ever!!1

  19. Leny Tacuri says:

    They don't do drugs, they are drugs

  20. Julianne Myers says:

    Nick's still on the bass here…love to see it

  21. Mauricio Aguilar Aguilera says:

    1:56 epic fail

  22. Nota Nameatall says:

    At 24:39 It feels like everything is backwards, then "It feels like we only go backwards"

  23. Divino Dayacap says:

    The day Tame Impala become a RIckenbacker Band

  24. Caroline Bitar says:

    Keep on Lying liveeeee!

  25. Mark Wright says:

    I think a Rickenbacker guitar might be what this band is missing from their instrument set up.

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