The Timber

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In the Wild West, two desperate brothers take a job as bounty hunters to save their home. But in The Timber, brutality and bloodshed is the law of the land.

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29 Responses

  1. Yellow Cab says:

    the bankster dies


  2. Jeff Sandt says:

    Good acting. But to many random unexplained parts. Worth watching forsure. Its almost like watching a movie with skipped scenes as you watch it, could get confusing but good movie

  3. easy street says:

    why would a person bother to watch a movie that's free and then complain about it?

  4. johnnypar91 says:

    I've seen a lot worse. My only question is what the hell was with the cannibal?

  5. my2cents2u says:

    You get what you pay for! Wait – you didn't pay anything? Well, there you go. :-/

  6. Pat Ormond says:

    Can't hear the volume to low..

  7. TomfromErie j says:

    Whats with the nasty  language!!! Good bye

  8. Bear Bryant says:

    With the exception of a few events very late in the movie this was the unhappiest, grimmest thing I have seen "Wind River" and "Hold the Dark". 7/10

  9. Ilike Turtles says:

    Checking comments before committing

  10. Jaset says:

    Bankers are always ready to cheat and steal whatever you own.

  11. Richard Bowers says:

    Whoa! Kids are going to have trouble with the script & the adults will have even more believing it? Just saying.

  12. Jason Brown says:


  13. T S says:

    I'm in awe.This movie is an avalanche of clichés, yet you can tell the director thinks his work is "art". This movie is bad. Like I don't comment ever and I felt compelled to caution others about this film bad. There's literally a scene with a bunch of slavic extras, who are wearing confederate soldier hats, aimlessly mining in a field and a "half naked bear man". director dude, did you do psychotropics before cobbling this, this thing together?

    What is good about this movie? Well, the actors are trying with what they are given, and the shots are executed at a marginal proficiency.

    The story has been done a million times over. Imagine The Room, but with tired themes of the darkness of the world like in Apocalypse Now. All wrapped in "Alaskan wilds" – but likely Eastern Europe– scenery. Sounds interesting….. It would be if the script worked and if pacing existed.

    Stay away from the timber, It isn't even so Bad that its good.

  14. Sheriff Hoyt says:

    Josh Pecker

  15. Anarcheaologist says:

    Can't hardly hear what's being said in the movie but the ad's are loud enough.

  16. Willis Reeves says:

    You Folks who are ripping this Movie because the Deputy strikes Oil, need to realize one fact…IT IS ONLY A MOVIE–NOT A DOCUMENTARY

  17. Lynda Poysor says:

    I can't hear it!

  18. Edward Rutherford says:

    They didn't talk like that back then. One sorry ass modern movie.

  19. Jeff Sartain says:

    Now let me get this straight, there was some dude in a cave dressed up like a bear that was killing men and neither one of the brother thought that was unusual.

  20. Craig Holman says:

    Too much foresight! Quit ruining the fucking movie you retarded fucking director!

  21. Johnny Cuyana says:

    Thanks much for uploading … but, CLICK [OFF]!

    As soon as we see a PERIOD piece, but, everyone has perfect "modern" hair and beards — and well-pressed dry-cleaned clothes — then we just go to something different.

    Getting into period styles should be the easiest part of the entire process.

    PS: the ham-fisted cliche script was just as telling.

  22. steven bristow says:


  23. Steph Lyons says:

    Josh peck is terrible. It's so obvious he a Jewish guy from NYC trying to be a late 19th century early 20th , rough neck tough guy , which is hilarious. Terrible casting for a terrible movie. But hey it's free right.

  24. Bobby Anderson says:

    4 out of 10.

  25. Edward Anderson says:

    How is that guy digging a grave in the winter with a shovel and then he strikes oil. LOL whatever.

  26. Artbookends Meyer says:

    great movie thank you for the upload

  27. Bruce Kirk says:

    We'res the brokeback mountain at lol

  28. Sherman Yates says:

    The permafrost required picks…however, it is entertainment and it was enjoyable. Good corelations of just tragedies.

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