Two Door Cinema Club TRNSMT 2017

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  1. Nicolas Moreno says:

    00:00 Cigarettes In The Theatre
    03:27 Undercover Martyn
    06:39 Do You Want It All?
    10:11 This Is The Life
    13:41 Changing Of The Seasons
    17:31 Bad Decisions
    22:30 Lavender
    26:30 Next Year
    31:09 Something Good Can Work
    33:58 Are We Ready?
    38:13 I Can Talk
    42:13 Sun
    45:48 What You Know

  2. adityodidit says:

    indonesia again?

  3. Jose Calmo says:

    Best concer ever !!

  4. Yoga Prasidya says:

    Male pattern baldness is a bitch

  5. zachy FTW says:

    Why’s Alex bald?

  6. VodkaOnBelly says:

    why didnt they perform sleep alone ?

  7. Erwin Schrödinger says:

    5:22 Jonny Greenwood spotted

  8. Wee Kaimook Pupe says:

    I Th

  9. Jeff Baker says:

    He needs to dial back his "rock n roll" outfit a bit. Looks like Greta van Fleet/Austin Powers.

  10. Gabe Avenger says:

    quando eles vierem pra Porto Alegre eu não sei se terei folego O.O

  11. Виктор says:

    Бля обожаю

  12. Cam Moore says:

    I want to go back to the days before everyone knew who these were and alex had decent hair again, my 12 year old self

  13. Fluke Studio says:

    Love what you know ^^

  14. jhonathan urbisagastegui says:

    Why dont sing new houses on live?

  15. Ian Nimrod says:

    he looks awesome

  16. PrastheoAS says:

    not enough 1 play this song"Something good can work"

  17. Mi chica está borracha says:

    El vocalista se quedó más calvo que una concha

  18. Eyas .N says:

    Great music , very bad voices , your voice on stage is so awful

  19. Alvaro Martinez says:

    Why did he went bald ? what happened?

  20. Yo llama Tama says:

    I was digging his long hair, nooooooo he cut it. But it's still good.

  21. Yann Farofa says:

    Lo mejor concierto de 2018

  22. Tord Joseph says:

    Amo muchísimo Two Door Cinena Club, los encontré por casualidad y me encantó mucho su música :')

  23. iLessThan3i says:

    I listen to this concert daily, so fucking good! 😀 <3

  24. benjamin says:

    37:15 voice crack lmao but i fucking love this set and tdcc in general

  25. Alan Lewis says:

    Looks like Elton John..

  26. Dempy says:

    Sun was absolute dogshit

  27. FreD Zavala Tovar says:

    Killer drummer. I hope they come to Peru!!! 😀

  28. Ollie White says:

    Russel Howard killing it on drums

  29. Peppachelet Jr says:

    Why two door cinema Club, sounds like shit in recordings from live videos, they sound great live, but they have been always in bad recordings, great concerts bad mixings

  30. Daniel says:

    the main singer looks so zoned out.

  31. Andrew D says:

    Sam Haliday is my inspiration to keep learning guitar, damn

  32. Tae-Yeop Kim says:

    Best band for summer seasons

  33. Elin Tumblr says:

    Para los que no saben Alex hace tiempo dono su cabello para una buena causa

  34. Satrio Rachmadi says:


  35. Tiago dos Santos says:

    Superb concert. Thx for upload! ;D

  36. diegobugueño says:

    Was present 🙂

  37. Maionese caseira says:

    Come to Brazil

  38. Janet Pearson says:

    I have watched this concert many times now. I love it and I love them.

  39. Sérgio Emanuel Girolla says:


  40. washablecrown says:

    Lead guitarist should move less and play the right notes at the right time and in tune

  41. Juan Manuel says:

    It's kinda shocking to see Alex like this, hope he's on good health. But anyways, the show was awesome.

  42. Benjamin Enders says:

    they used to be so Indi now they are so pop

  43. Tomas Vasconcelos says:

    I love this band so much, it just makes me smile to see them doing so well and putting on a great show

  44. Ilham Pamungkas says:


  45. Swamp says:

    This whole concert and the womens faces could be in a miller light commercial. Just narrorate how good the beer is over the songs. You'll see

  46. Zac Ewart says:

    Wouldn't go to the front garden

  47. αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3 says:


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