UNDER PRESSURE – QUEEN (age12) Cover by Avery Drummer

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Please enjoy another amazingly great Queen song and YES, MORE Queen will be coming, some that are “very” special.

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Avery “Drummer” Molek is young growing musician. He started playing drums at age 2. He now loves to play everything: classic, rock, jazz, metal and progressive music. Avery also plays bass, guitar & piano.

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Avery Drummer Molek (12 year old drummer) drum cover of “UNDER PRESSURE” by QUEEN.
#queen #underpressure #queencover

Avery is very happy and proud to endorse ddrum, Zildjian, Vic Firth, Pro Audio Superstore, Sennheiser, Gibraltar Hardware, Green Gizmo, DrumLite and Kellyshu!
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36 Responses

  1. JOSE maría GARCIA AREVALO says:

    Killer Queen

  2. Jeanluc Paulus says:

    bravo avery tu montres encore ton enorme talent

  3. Bongo says:

    Youre so talented for your age. Keep it up

  4. Ludovic Hubatz says:

    Comment il joue bien extraordinaire

  5. Frank Carpi says:

    Beautifully done. I am happy to see you venturing into different genres of music. The best way to be a great drummer is to play music from all genres, and never limit yourself by casting yourself into only one style. I like to pick up YouTube suggestions that I've never heard before, and just start to groove with it, until it seems like I know exactly what the next note is going to be, and inadvertantly I get it right more often than not. I am confident that you would be able to do that as well. You are becoming a well rounded player of this instrument. Keep working.

  6. The whooping Walrus says:

    Great! Can you do more queen I love watching it

  7. Gail Beagley says:

    Cover some more songs from queen, hi from Philippines by the way…

  8. Michelle Trevillyan says:

    Awesome job Avery!!! I love it!!! Just like all the other stuff you play. 🙂

  9. Lowell Lincycomb says:

    Amazing job.

  10. steven shewfelt says:

    awesome good job another one hit out of the park..great job …your Alaskan fan

  11. ealasaid76 says:

    Hey Avery, any chance you could do some of Bowie's hits? That would rock! Thank you.

  12. petr prokes says:

    Oh god that was so incredible.Thank´s

  13. Steve Contini says:

    Good tune bro, whats next thin lizzy? Ur skillz r very solid every time i watch ur videos , time for karn evil yet ,some e l p ! U could nail it i bet ! Gl avery n thx ! ✌

  14. Dragonford350 says:

    Great job on the cover Avery, just one observation, purely not a cririque, Roger Taylor normally kept his hi hats open on his snare strikes to give it a fuller sound and all. I know he's mentioned it. Rock Solid job man always good to see the younger folk rocking out to real music.

  15. Corky Schillinger says:

    Well done! Keep up the good work!

  16. W S says:


  17. Michael Greene says:

    Would love to hear ozzy

  18. Michael Greene says:

    Please play the songs with your drumming pls. I love watching your feet and the pedals you push

  19. Tyler Earle says:

    Dude I would love if you did a doors song I love queen just as much as the doors but the doors came first in my music experience they introduced me to rock and roll but if you did touch me or break on through or even light my fire man I would love that

  20. Amber Eyes says:

    You inspire other kids by sharing your videos. Because of you, my son has now joined the band and has started playing the drums! Thank you, Avery!

  21. Charles Daunt says:

    More Queen! Your doing amazing!

  22. stimul8 says:

    Let me give you some advice, while you’re still a kid. Don’t get involved with women no matter how tempting. The last thing you’ll be doing is drumming.

  23. Jen Paiz says:

    Please please do more queen covers

  24. Charles Kelly says:

    The beautiful thing about Averys' god given talent is, he has an ability to adjust to drum tempo. Therefore, in time, as I am sure he is attempting to become, an influenced percussionist able to go into a studio prepared and able to lay down a track that will become future drumming history. Great job!

  25. Bert Brooks says:

    Yeah! More Queen! Keep drumming that classic rock Avery!!! I see that Bohemian Rhapsody really captured your attention! Loved the movie myself! I never get tired of listening to Queen. They were big when I was in college and graduate school! That was a long time ago buddy! LOL

  26. The Ripper says:

    Awesome. I love the effect seeing the Queen movie has had on you. You play with such feeling. You always do but, playing Queen songs you are more serious. Keep playing from the heart. It does us all good.

  27. rsfields2009 says:

    I can tell that you have been working on your finesse playing. I'm so glad to see someone your age digging into the art of percussion and not just beat the life out of the drums for noises sake.
    Keep it up, I see a bright future for you.

  28. Raven Mackinnon says:

    Amazing! This is my favourite one by far!

  29. woah that's pretty sexy says:

    sweet more queen

  30. Phillip Uzzo says:

    So cool Avery! I really like Queen, the whole band was very talented. Brian May IMHO is borderline musical genius.

  31. Jon Anderson says:

    Way Cool, Avery!!! Again, you pick great songs.
    … OK, I'm about to say something, "Adult." I hope you put the same energy that you do into your drumming, into your schoolwork. I love a good musician, but I respect the hell out of guys, like Brian May, and Neil Peart. To have talent, such as you, is great, but to have talent and Brains… nothing will stop you.
    i can't wait to see you where you go next.
    cheers, my man, and Rock ON!!

  32. Mike Walker says:

    Outstanding !!!!

  33. Oliver Beck says:

    Keep rockin dude, so nice to see other kids loving classic rock! #RapIsCrap

  34. Aleks5150 says:

    The face expressions he does makes me want to kick the shit out of him but good job

  35. Claudia León says:

    the show must go on please

  36. Jerrysalsa 64 says:

    Totally Awesome cover

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