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Snapchat: Negin_Mirsalehi

Music by:

Livia Romper – Ale By Alessandra

Sancho Hat – Ale By Alessandra

X Revolve Karen Jumpsuit – House of Harlow 1960

Walker One Piece – Tularosa

Rum Runner Top – Majorelle

Therese dress – Majorelle

X Revolve Brittain Short – BB Dakota

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33 Responses

  1. Sabrina Folov says:

    I loveeee your all jewellery

  2. Carlotta Ludwig says:

    Aren't you vegan anymore?

  3. Cheryl says:

    Am I the only that noticed the dates were all off by a day. Still loved the vlog!!!

  4. Abii Maddocks says:

    Pleeeeeease tell me where you got the black swimsuit from, I beg you

  5. Yael Greenspan says:

    hey negin! how often do you wear bras? lovin' the free spirit 🙂

  6. anam says:

    you look like lexi in that white outfit

  7. Tina Belay says:

    where are the sunglasses @18:32 from?

  8. Имя Фамилия says:

    Negin, your videos are always so positive and funny. After watching them I smile for at least 1 hour 😀

  9. Yasmeen Islam says:

    Anyone know what software Negin uses to edit her vlogs? xxx

  10. mimitez says:

    you look amazing and also have really beautiful personality.. you are such a inspiration for me !! xx stay happy guurl xx

  11. Sam says:

    Is she wearing a Rolex???? Nice girl

  12. Aylin44A says:

    Negin you are just so Beautiful ♥♥
    love your Vlogs ♥

  13. Sweetcheeks says:

    Her face looks disgusting lol but the funny thing is her fotos doesn't look as bad as her face…. I don't know if that's a bad thing lol … stop botoxing ew

  14. Jolien van Til says:

    Je haar is echt super mooi. wat is die olie die je in haar doet?

  15. Verina Ramadani says:

    How old is Negin?

  16. Begum&Burcu vlog says:

    When will you post your new vlog?

  17. C E S C A says:

    Do you connect an external mic to your vlogging camera? If so, which one? Aiming to start vlogging and having an audio issue!

  18. CheRRyGiirL010 says:

    love you Negin!!!!! you inspire me a lot

  19. Sara Sofie says:

    Great video Negin! Love your channel!

  20. İlke Tulunay says:

    Misssssss youuuuu

  21. gmhs0592 says:

    Negin i love your vlogs! they're so much fun to watch! I literally wait to whole week for them <3 Please do a curl hair tutorial I'm in love with your hair!!! lots of love from Honduras !!!

  22. Alicia Alvarez says:

    Negin it is so incredible how underrated your channel is. I've been watching ever since your first vlog came out and you are the only long vlogger that I don't get bored of. x

  23. Moj Ritual says:

    Does anyone know which camera does she use to film the vlog??

  24. Suzon Loncle says:

    I looooove every single outfits you wore at Coachella !!! Festival babe !

  25. Paulina Gonzalez says:

    What beauty products do you use?

  26. Birinci Özgür says:

    Where is the jacket of maurits from?

  27. whuuutt x says:

    Waarom heb je niet verteld en gefilmd dat je je lippen zou opspuiten… echt jammer vond je altijd zo mooi en leuk omdat je zo naturel was.

  28. Claire Liu says:

    Looks like you had a great time!! And obsessed with your outfits <3

  29. Ena Misha says:

    NEGIN!! I would blur out your car plate

  30. Isabel says:

    Please make a dutch vlog with english subtitles!! That would be great 🙂

  31. Mona Mode says:

    love your sunglasses x

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