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In this video we are going to go over the new info given to us by Team dokkaner about the christmas banner for global. Seems your dokkanfest Hit is coming sooner than we all thought.

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42 Responses

  1. Lol Ok says:

    Thank god. Another banner I can completely ignore.

  2. lars åkerman says:

    I think the hit Will ber
    Leader:representativs of universe 6 HP atk and def +200%
    Super:Immense damage and massively raise atk for 1 turn.
    Passive:atk and def +100% High chans to stun all foes disabels foes guard.
    Links: Hit links

  3. CCF3 Stories says:

    Dashing through Time space
    This stance is my Ace
    Time Skip is not Fast
    But this banner is Trash
    HA HA HA!
    Hit is dead, Broly's eyes Red
    Gogeta on the way!!!
    Skip this Banner, It like cancer

  4. pires94 says:

    My thoughts on Gogeta card: Why not have a Base gogeta that transforms if:
    For 3 turns in a row is linked with a super saiyan -> Super gogeta
    For 3 turns in a row is linked with a SSB -> Gogeta Blue
    3 turns with neither links active -> Veku

  5. pires94 says:

    "You guys are getting hit for christmas" why so aggressive Tallen? 😛

  6. Twan Rosa says:

    And nobody cares about hit for christmas

  7. darek9919 says:

    Everybody posting about skipping banner, yea for sure, when discouts will be like 3+1 with tickets i doubt that anyone will skip it.

  8. TheNoSkin says:

    Lr hit from the selection

  9. James Hodge says:

    Wtf global

  10. Mister Skraps says:

    i think his pissive should be like atk 120% and stuns opponent after being attacked (like he did with jiren)

  11. Laggy T says:

    Lr champa and Vados to help this category maybe

  12. Turtato says:

    If there's a discount summon I'll summon depending on the units on the banner. If kefla is there then I'm definitely summoning since I still don't have a potara leader for my team

  13. Onyx Storm says:

    Will the STR Cabba finally get his awakening?

  14. The one and only Vegito says:

    Honestly im going to summon for Hit

  15. Shaun Chng says:

    It was a real HIT

  16. Alain Lemaire says:

    this is good because this is more time to save stones for broly and gogeta

  17. Juan Chota says:

    Global death for 1 month confirmed

  18. Remy LeBeau says:

    Glad at least hit gonna get a good card

  19. John Sawyer says:

    he will blatantly get a passive that buffs him massively against the warriors of universe 7 category…

  20. Danny Ngo says:

    All the Hits in the Game are Trash so far. Can't wait to skip it possibly until I find out he's fire.

  21. Magic Vegeta says:

    Hit might have counter and dodge plus stun

  22. Miguel Aguilar says:

    Totally skipping this banner

  23. Chris A says:

    Y'all gonna shut the fuck up. We don't even know what he will be able to do. It's totally normal to not get Broly and gogeta sibce the movie has not been released outside Japan. Stop crying BABIES.

  24. crazedcanuck18 says:

    Isn’t this the banner we voted for a while ago?

  25. tengtx says:

    trash hit is a major skip. if bandai gonna keep pulling bullshit like this. then they can kiss one of their customer goodbye. i can go and spend my money else were if bandai gonna pull shit like this.

  26. Jaden Hoskins says:

    I hope hit don't have that same lame super attack

  27. Unusual says:

    wtf ew no shaft on a new level. JP Gets Double Rate LR Banner with 2 Elder per Multi. We get Hit, bruh.

  28. ChrisHansenOfTheHiddenLeaf says:

    Unit Name: Hit & Warriors of Universe 6
    Leader skill: Representatives of Universe 6 Ki+1 and Hp, attack, defense up 250%
    Super Attack: Cause Immense damage with a great chance to stun
    Passive: Attack up 100%; attack and defense up 6% for allies for every 'Representative of Universe 6' on the team; attacks(including super attacks) on 'Realm of Gods' enemies are guaranteed to be critical attacks.
    Links: Cold Judgment, Experienced Fighters, Prepared for Battle, Shocking Speed, Representatives of Universe 6, Tournament of Power, and Fierce Battle
    Categories: Full Power, Universal Survival Saga, Combination, and Representatives of Universe 6

  29. Midoras Diabano says:

    Hit sucks with his bald butt looking head.

  30. Ghost Toast says:

    I'm so excited for Tao Pai Pai!

  31. MysticStrike ForceSSJ3 says:

    Remember dokkan likes to do things that tides with the show and since hit just came around recently he's link skill won't matter unless super gives him more screen time with other fighters instead of just universe 6 and goku and vegeta and whis and beerus. Like who knows i can see piccolo and hit team up and have them get a new card and link set for them. Like even right now people has wanted another awakening for some cards but we all know it can't. Like for example a new gotenks card unless gotenks has been recent team ups in super the only gotenks we can get is from the majin buu saga. So yha take note on this guys no new card can get an upgrade unless that character has been recent in the series aka super. Spoiler alert we might have a new majin buu card coming because kid buu will be returning to super in the super manga series.

  32. Sean Fitzgerald says:

    What I want for Christmas is the Battle of Gods event. I have LR Beerus at TUR and I can't get him to LR Since I need 5 more Vegeta medals and 3-4 more Beerus medals from the event!!!! It's been like this for 2 months or so!!!!

  33. Raman Al Aabo says:

    150 for all a real Gentleman

  34. José Miguel G Semedo says:

    HIT should be the category leader for his own universe, like "representatives of universe 6"… right?!?
    Maybe it is this time dokkan is going to have a good hit card with goo damage above 1k…

  35. Kebabbo Lollo says:

    I Hope you are wrong

  36. Dangit don says:

    This is bullisht. Bandai can suck it.

  37. AMX Empire says:

    It's nothing but a disappointment

  38. lum - says:

    People say easy skip but they don't even know the featured units and there will be discounts and tickets

  39. Tomislav Cindrić says:

    My idea for Hit
    Extreme Phy
    Leader skill : Experienced fighters +3 ki 150% stats
    SA : Immense dmg and high chance to stun
    Passive : Atk 100%,medium chance to stun all enemies, transform when conditions are met.
    Transform Hit
    SA : immense and raises atk and def
    Passive: Atk 150%, high chance to stun all enemies, at start of the turn disables enemy guard against stunning, in addition if enemy is stunned own defence +100% for 4 turns.

    Links(Normal state) : Infighter, cold judgment, tournament of power, shocking speed, experienced fighters, un6 warriors, fierce battle

    Links(Awoken) : Stays all the same

  40. Death Berry says:


  41. saiyansnake says:

    Skip this sHIT and save stones for movie units.

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