Wanna One – Light + Energetic [2018 MBC Music Festival]

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26 Responses

  1. WasabiMind says:

    no quiero que se separen

  2. かよちん大好き! says:

    Never forget u

  3. Maria Soares says:

    I couldnt watch this stage but now im here almost crying

  4. A.R.M.Y says:

    Wee no puedo verlo sin llorar :""v

  5. farah mohammed says:

    يا جماعه عايزه اسال سؤال هل الفرقه رجعت

  6. 詹友欽 says:


  7. 詹友欽 says:


  8. 詹友欽 says:


  9. 詹友欽 says:


  10. 詹友欽 says:


  11. 詹友欽 says:


  12. Kal Nse says:

    what’s going to happen to them? (disband)

  13. Hien Nguyen says:

    wanna one là nhất

  14. sartika jeremy says:

    Percayalah mereka akan dikenal sampai kapanpun karna mereka mengajarkan namanya persahabatan dan perpisahan at the same time:)

  15. Tajhé 민국 ASMR ZAV says:

    Wow I’m still shocked they disbanded but on you more opportunities boys I’ll always support you guys

  16. J u says:

    Last performance

  17. Daniel kang says:

    i love you Wanna One

  18. Ayu Dewi says:

    Wanna one. i love you forever:"

  19. Angel -L says:

    Yoong JiSung I LOVE YOU

  20. Anita Amir says:

    Miss you wanna one …

  21. multifandom wannable A.R.M.Y says:

    Happy graduation wannaone uwu❤

  22. Gwynne Song says:

    Let's see they finally

  23. Nhi Nguyen says:

    Love Kang Daniel bias my me and all member

  24. Izdihar Fazrianti says:


  25. Hoang Mai Nghiem says:

    they will forever be my biggest regret

  26. Mishaaa Ongsshii says:

    Ong !

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