Warped Tour 2018 is the Last Lineup. Is Live Music Doomed?

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Kevin Lyman, founder of Warped Tour, recently stated in an interview with Billboard that the summer festival would be coming to an end in 2018. The end of Warped Tour is a major revelation that will have ramifications felt throughout the music industry. However, in the interview with Billboard, Kevin Lyman said something else that I think might have even bigger ramifications for the future of live music of all genres.

Kevin Lyman cited a decrease in younger concertgoers in the 14-17 age range. Although his personal evidence is specifically from Warped Tour numbers, this is a trend being observed industry-wide across all genres. If these younger teenagers never get into the habit of going to concerts, the self-replenishing nature of local music scenes might come to an end.

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30 Responses

  1. WaffleSpaz says:

    I saw dying fetus a few days ago and they were great. Everyone there was super nice and all had a great time. Live music may be dwindling, but it will never die.

  2. viktorya rose says:

    This is really sad. I used to love going to concerts and local shows. I'm 24 now and I've noticed my younger cousins not being interested in live music… all they do is sit around and listen to drake. I'm sure they want the experience of live music but the attention is on these big artists and let me tell you, a drake or let's say Arians Grande or Rihanna concert IS VERY EXPENSIVE. these kids (or should I say their parents) end up having to spend hundreds of dollars to go to one measly concert. I saw arcade fire recently and it was only 40 bucks to get in. No regrets!!!

  3. casey chapman says:

    Kids at hip hop shows are getting young as fuck to the point i feel old as shit and am only 23

  4. Exiled Oathkeeper says:

    Hmm. I kinda disagree with the whole "live shows are doomed" notion. Here in Tennessee we have Bonnaroo every year and in Knoxville there are a few venues that are packed every day of the year just about. Both Bonnaroo and the venues draw crowds of all ages. So I definitely don't think live shows are dying at all.

    Personally I think Warped Tour is dead because, well, it sucked. Everybody I know, myself included, always thought Warped was poorly put together. The reason I think my point is important is because I was in the military and know people from all over the states that went to Warped and all had agreed that Warped wasn't any good.

    However, even though many think Warped was overrated, it still does suck that it's done for. But that doesn't mean it can't eventually be revived.

  5. Taylor Collett says:

    all this shows is that the type of music that warped books is dead. they should have changed it up no one listens to emo or pop punk anymore.

  6. Jayden Eisenbeis says:

    I’m 13 And will always want to go to shows

  7. Delight Infamously says:

    i always wanted to go to warped tour but i had never had chance but I had to go to florida but Im from Houston but this bs i wanted to go.Anyone recommend me any tour or or concert like old bmth, underoath.

  8. Smash Er says:

    If you were a die hard fan of the warped tour like me, watch etids (last performance on that stage, pennywise was the after them and the last to play technically.) set at the last stop in west palm beach. Their last set was map change, and as the song ended jordan kept playing the riff, everyone stayed instead of shifting for the pennywise set next door. So ke kept playing and playing… Then they started taking the stage down, unplugging shit, and he kept playing… It was amazing. Like the guys who played as the titanic went down. I urge you to watch it, knowing they had been a staple of the tour for a decade, and it probably helped them get as big as they are. Just search etid last songbat warped tour.

  9. Taylor H says:

    This isn't just rock. Look at rap now. Mumble rap is popular. The very idiocy of that genre is popular by thousands of people attending. I think the internet has killed music. Might as well just play locally and then have fun with it.

  10. shwnholroydful says:

    Never thought about this. I mean i was pretty steady going to shows in Kansas City every week from 14-18 because there wasn't anything to do and there were shows every week. It was always so cheap to see these bands too. 10 bucks to see red cord and btbam in the same night, now im looking at general admissions and its in the 30s for shows. I would say that if I was a younger kid today I wouldn't have the money to go to many shows with that price. I just like cut grass or shit to get the money each week to go to these things with friends until I got a job. My parents were pretty relaxed too and always took me to concerts as well seeing slipknot and disturbed with them on multiple occaasions and seeing iron maiden once at 12 years of age. This whole new generation of shows and kids is strange to me, but I kinda see why its happening.

  11. fleshlight that cries says:

    15 year old little shit here, went to a festival few months ago and we were the only 3 little shits amid the thousands of middle aged men, mustasch was dope.

  12. Blood Scust says:

    But Steve, your job will end too if this ends.

  13. STIGMA custom collectibles says:

    14 – 17 I seen the most shows in that age bracket. Remember Lalapalooza?

  14. Gunner Dohrenwend says:

    The only way rock will become as popular as it was if it stops living in the past and create some new styles and have the community popularize some new bands

  15. Brandenlol says:

    This is def the online age. I used to go to shows as much as I could even though I'm from a town that rarely had any of the music I liked come to town. I feel like most of the genres that Warped covers isn't really going anywhere anymore. Asking Alexandria's new song is basically rock and BMTH lost their sound years ago. I could be wrong as I haven't gone out of my way to really find new metalcore bands, but with how much I'm online, I feel like I'd run into some kind of the genre's evolution lol.

  16. Cheechy Kaname says:

    Im on the opposite end, I'm 27 and didn't start really going to shows until the last couple of years. I went to some when I was younger but it wasn't to the extent now, if anything i find it easier to go to shows since i have my own money and car to go and not have to ask my 'parents' like i would have as that 14-17 year old

  17. antond84 says:

    I just started watching your channel. As a fellow metal head, love the attire! But i wanted to say, this hit me harder than a slam in any pit! I've been going to shows since i was in my early teens. That first rush never dies when you hear your favorite song live. It's just like cigarettes, you gotta get them young. It makes me sad that there is an entire generation that will never know that moment as a kid seeing your favorite band play live. Keep up the great work. I'll keep watching.

  18. Manboyy says:

    This sucks bad, I’m only fifteen and just now got into warped tour, Rockville and festivals of that nature AND on top of that I’ve been making music to hopefully play with some friends for people some day like damn dude. Anyway, love your channel man.

  19. Ryan Ramos says:

    As a 19 year old kid who's going to the last Warped Tour in Tampa, and someone who's been a regular concertgoer since age 16, I can tell you that it's not the fact that people just don't want to go to shows anymore, at least not entirely. It's that the scene that Warped Tour represents just isn't appealing to the youth demographic anymore, or at least not enough for it to be a profitable venture, apparently. Rolling Loud has experienced TREMENDOUS growth over the past 3 years and that's because hip-hop is now the mainstream youth culture. If you've ever been to a BROCKHAMPTON concert, the energy there is crazy, and it's one of the youngest crowds you'll ever see at a rap show. Unfortunately rock music just doesn't have the same cultural relevance that it used to, and part of that has to do with the fact that there hasn't really been much in the way of substantial artistic movements or waves within the genre for the past decade or so. The kids are seeing that and migrating to the OTHER rebellious genre of music (at least in terms of pissing their parents off) that, while certainly not brand new, is certainly quite a bit younger than the rock genre. Change hurts for sure, and Warped Tour has been such a cultural institution in rock music for so long that it's hard not to get nostalgic, but that's the way it goes, and the scene has definitely had a good run up until this point.

  20. D D says:

    I was at warped yesterday in SLC and it was really kind of depressing. The entire fest was made to push merch.

    Shout out to Everytime I Die, they fucking KILLED IT.

  21. According To Honda says:

    having been on tour yes the age is getting older.

  22. sleepingninja quiettime says:

    Virtual shows or some enter the matrix bull shit is the only option. I mean why not. If they could start incorporating VR and making it a awesome social experience theres probably a lot of revenue, probably.

  23. jeffrey mcgraw says:

    I find this interesting, ove been saying this very thing in interviews for a few years. I call it apathy via streaming

  24. Nabo42 says:

    I've never really enjoyed live music precisely because of all the other people; all of my life I'd much rather stay at home and listen to music without having to go out and deal with other people. I've been to a few concerts but I never really felt excited to be there, instead I always felt like there are other things I'd rather do with my time than hear a song I've already heard a few hundred times while being surrounded by people I have no interest in interacting with.

    Not only that, but to me the studio version of a song has always just sounded better than the live version.

  25. Just call me Gage says:

    Fuck my generation

  26. johnny medina says:

    Once there's a buzz on social media kids will see all there friends are talking about this show in town and want to see what the talks all about.

  27. johnny medina says:

    It can't be all be through word of mouth and so the best thing to do is start using the "alternative" to shows as a way to get clout where your touring.

  28. johnny medina says:

    I think the best thing to do, speaking as a 15 year old, is to start promoting more on the internet and show that there's more to go to than stay at home. There's not really and promotion for bands that are touring unless it's a major.

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