Weird Things You Might Want to Bring to Burning Man Part Two

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You’ll find tonnes of lists telling you all the basic stuff that you need to bring along, dust masks, goggles, lip balm, suncream…but there’s not so much information out there about the slightly odder bits and pieces you might want to drag along.

So here’s part two of the epic list of weird things you might want to bring to Burning Man.

There are a few really thorough packing lists that I love and always end up having a browse through every year so in case you haven’t spotted one check these out.
(Jessie aka Mama Js list)
(Stitches list)
(Friendlandias list)

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15 Responses

  1. PrettyVices says:

    Aquaphor is amazing for overall chapped skin, its an American brand so scoop some up on the way. Also bring a few extra pairs of undies and socks, you'll be happy you did 🙂

  2. Lindsay Nicole Lucas says:

    God i could have used these videos 5 years ago lol <3

  3. Mike Mchugh says:

    There are gps apps that you can mark locations.

  4. Sofie Callow says:

    Next year can you please do a video of everything you've packing for b-man?

  5. Amael says:

    When you said electrolytes, I started laughing
    Dont get me wrong, I really enjoy watching your videos!
    Love from France

  6. Matthew Cunningham says:

    Re bar caps cheap wood 2×2 drill a hole the diameter of re-bar top then cut the 2×2 to the length you wan't repeat till you have extras for gifts. Some poor miserable foot thanks you in advance.

  7. South Texas Fail says:

    I'm bringing not just pickles, but also about 3 gallons of pickle juice.

  8. KiloOne Shady says:

    hmm i wonder what's the average one spends to go to burning man, i'm starting to make plans so if anyone can answer i'd be thanked.

  9. Timothy Black says:

    Good list! Nasal Saline is key. Also.. you must be a night owl out there, with that porcelain skin!

    My favorite electrolyte is 'coco hydro' at Trader joes.

    So you're in the burbs? Well, I'll send you a PM and you can stop by my Theme camp for some VIP, and Art Car Access 🙂

  10. Stacy Katz says:

    Love you! You are the best! Hope I get to see you at BM! xo

  11. duke ofearl says:

    REDO- Great info, you are silly AND great content

  12. So what says:

    I love your videos. Something great to have with you, specially for that bucket of smelly stuff, is baking soda, it kills any smell. You can find cheap one in the pet section of any store, people put it in cat litter all the time.

  13. Kate _ says:

    Hey, Just wondering if u could do a video for English people going to burning man and the best way to get there and take all the essentials.

  14. Matthew Cunningham says:

    This should be on your bucket list the more buckets the better, not only that you can sit on them you can buy them new for a few bucks or old ones for free they can store things in them out of the weather they stack easy and carry around I have used swimming pool noodles or foam pipe insulation as a comfortable seat. wal-mart sell a toilet top.

  15. 郭蕾 says:

    can any one summarize it a bit?

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