Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing (Live)

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Recorded at Jerudong Park Amphitheatre: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei at The Royal Wedding. This was a private concert for Princess Rashidah, the eldest daughter of the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah.

I Wish You Love: More From The Bodyguard
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About the album:
‘I Wish You Love: More From The Bodyguard’ includes never-before-released live recordings from Whitney’s historic The Bodyguard Tour (1993-1995), alternate versions of the audio recordings from the ‘The Bodyguard’ film, an alternate version of a remix of “I’m Every Woman,” additional artwork and more.

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32 Responses

  1. Rogers Soares says:

    Uma em um bilhão pra nascer com esse talento.

  2. Angel Suarez Garcia says:

    Love YOU Whitney

  3. Debbie Dobles says:

    Unreal once In a lifetime voice❤️

  4. Kyka Lucas says:

    what a beautiful person with a crazy love heart

  5. R_ Reveley says:

    overrated, her style get nauseating after awhile

  6. David Molyneux says:

    Puts shit these days to shame.

  7. David Molyneux says:

    Will not see another Whitney. Unfortunately.

  8. David Molyneux says:

    My God..what a beautiful woman and voice..great song

  9. Nightcore 4You & Freedom Child Speedpaint says:

    I miss you so so much, i always love you withney houston!! <3

  10. Julia Boyd says:

    How many of you could you stand there and battle their demons and sound like this woman!! She was probably off her nut but listen to those [email protected]@@ thats why she will always be a [email protected] RIP Sweetheart xxx❤❤❤

  11. Юличка Кравец says:

    Супер!!!!! Хоть и под кайфом!

  12. Zhhshedh Sjajelelie says:

    Omg Whitney is still alive??? This performance is great it sounds like her prime

  13. Julio edimaldo ferreira da silva Edimao says:

    Ela tá viva?

  14. Emad Omar says:

    روعه منوره

  15. Tazan Irvin says:

    Singing Whitney Houston we miss you

  16. italo Gabriel says:

    augum Brasileiro

  17. Jon Rollinson-white says:

    I worked security at this gig
    Stevie wonder and Seal were on a few nights earlier
    Happy memories

  18. Michelle L says:

    I honestly can’t love this anymore than I already do. Beyondddd amazing live performance even with the hard and long notes she had to hold. Only queens can pull it off. Cheers to you queen Whitney

  19. Emad Omar says:


  20. Daniel Quiroga says:


  21. beverly jhamba says:

    I feel her ❤️2018

  22. Meh Supameh says:

    When I grow up I'mma be famous probably Whitney's type of famous

  23. Bitsrazor says:


  24. Angga Yustia says:

    I love you whitney

  25. Amara Emmanuella says:

    I will always love u Whitney

  26. Dennis Johannes says:

    Back when they enjoyed the concerts, not busy with instagram story. lol

  27. StanleySimmons REACTIONS says:

    As a huge Whitney fan I can really here the difference here in 1996 this is when i'd say she has some problems with reaching high chest notes and the pure power in that range like Whitney was always good at. However still a very powerful performance and as always her Head Voice and Vibrato are on point

  28. VennWK7 says:

    I wanna cry

  29. GISTON QUEDRO says:


  30. Carolyn Jones says:

    Beautiful woman

  31. Lon Tanner says:

    Is this the same concert where Michael Jackson performed a whole set live as well here?

  32. Phuong Anh Vu says:

    I always love you

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