Wild Again In Georgia with Dean Z – 2015 Elvis Woodstock Festival

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Elvis Tribute Artist Dean Z performs a set of songs by other artists during his show at the 2015 Elvis Woodstock Festival and everyone goes wild! Featuring the EAS Band.

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10 Responses

  1. betty penny says:

    Brilliant this man has talent in abundance…

  2. Lana Del Slay says:

    this part tho 16:50

  3. Gayle Greer says:

    Dean is AWESOME !!!!!!!

  4. Evan Adams says:


  5. PenMarie says:

    Dean is such a great entertainer!!

  6. Joyce Barker says:

    I wonder where he gets his energy from….Brilliant

  7. John Dean says:

    Fantastic Dean a real wild child brother well done

  8. Sukman Lee says:

    It was the wildest, craziest and sexiest show!  Dean went really really WILD!  Thanks for sharing this great video… such fun memories!

  9. Meri Calder says:

    Fantastic…such a fun night that was!!  Thanks, Mike.

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