WW2 Mass Launch Glastonbury Winter 2019 Meet

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1.6.2019 Glastonbury, CT USA.
This clip captures the last three flights/sorties in the FAC WW2 mass launch event at the Glastonbury Modellers Winter contest. About 25 flyers entered the meet and WW2 mass launch was one of the more popular events with at least 8 entries all flying at the same time within an area the size of a basketball court. Mid-air collisions and near misses are standard fare and this event followed suit with a front-runner model being eliminated in a mid-air in one of the last rounds. Watch the video and you’ll see this.
Sorry Oliver – next time!

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  1. maxfliart says:

    Brilliant mass event. Well done, Mike! She's a floater and a rail runner!!! Thx for posting, TN2.

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