X-Men: Apocalypse: Quicksilver Saves Everyone From Exploding Mansion

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In search of his father, Erik Lehnsherr, who is known to the world as Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Peter Maximoff (Evan Peters) arrives at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters just as an explosion begins to erupt from within it. Using his mutant ability to travel at supersonic speeds, Peter races through the mansion in search of his father but discovers that it’s about to blow up. Miraculously, due to his “gift,” he rescues everyone but one person from inside the mansion, who all total to dozens of people, in what he perceives as only about three minutes but is actually just a few seconds; even if it were three minutes, his feat would still be incredible. The one person whom he fails to rescue is Alex Summers (Lucas Till), who is known as Havok and who was consumed by the blast before Peter even shows up.

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35 Responses

  1. One million views! Amazing. I guess people really like this movie…or at least parts of this movie. Hehe.

  2. Meanwhile marvel's quicksilver died by a damn bullet

  3. thats why i think he is faster than flash in this movie

  4. Did he really saved “Everyone”?

  5. I’m here for the music

  6. Jaqen H'ghar says:

    This kind of speed is ludicrous. But fun to watch!

  7. BMVI says:

    The best demonstration of a speedster's power

  8. This proves Quicksilver is faster than flash. Flash has trouble slowing down time so he can walk with time slowed down but Quicksilver breaks no sweat.

  9. black panda says:

    He save an entire group of people and what did quicksilver do in the marvel universe stop a bullet

  10. BEN ARFA says:

    Top 15 goles imposibles Zlatan Ibrahimovic ● Especial 500 goles ● HD 1080p

  11. I'm pretty fast to but not like as fast as him but good actor and your super speed but I met you in my dreams and you he said he got his speed from making him all silver and dying his hair

  12. づき덕이 says:

    Everyone except Alex…

  13. I also hate that after he saved them all no one acknowledged the fact he saved them

  14. The song to with it made it 2x better

  15. Love the slowmo they have in DC and Marvel. IMO Marvel has better slowmo

  16. If/when the X-Men join the mcu, im hoping Evan reprises his role as Quicksilver.

  17. sakura says:

    the superior quicksilver

  18. PMBO says:

    2:51 When you let Michael Bay do his Scene…. C:

  19. PMBO says:

    2:31 Meanwhile someone Using the Gravity Gun in Garry's Mod

  20. Philip J. Fry did it first 😀

  21. He's super fast even when it's already in slow motion… love it

  22. This Quicksilver is really cool

  23. Quicksilver shoes is Nike af1 painted in silver

  24. Jason rock says:

    This is how quick silver should be, not that avengers shit.

  25. If everything was still, how did soft drink came out from the can so quickly???

  26. ibo27 says:

    cinematic masterpiece…

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